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Visual Tools
Are our bread and butter

The designers tale!

You have that beautifully crafted ad, that you spent hours on, looking for the right pictures, the best font and colors...

The only thing still missing is some content from the copy department.

To keep work flowing you used some placeholder text (Lorem ipsum... anyone?). It is time for a round of approvals by the account manager, creative director, copyright, the boss, and sometimes (we all have been there) the client wants to be a designer too! Right?! You send an e.mail to all these people, with an image preview and ask for comments... and the mess begins!

E.mail messages start pouring in from all these people, with comments to that one word on the second line of the third row, counting from the left (according to the client), that happens to be the exact same word that the copy guy identified as being in the first paragraph of the second column...

And then you have to send a sympathetic e.mail to the client explaining that it is just placeholder text, and you really want to send a furious one to the copyright asking her why the hell after two weeks she was not able to write a 10 word sentence... but you don't because she’s the boss's daughter! Bummer!

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Upload and organize your files. Simple Drag n’ Drop. All popular operation like move, delete, rename, available on the webapp.



Make the changes to your work asked by you colleges and/or client and upload a new version.



Your colleges and/or client will be able to view the file in the browser. No need to download or install 3rd party software.



All users will be able to place precise annotations on specific areas or points of the documment.



Everyone will be able to add general comments to the documment.

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Millions of documents
A solution to manage the chaos!

The lawyers tale!

Documents! Documents! Documents!... And more documents!

There’s no advocacy without documents. Lots and Lots. Coming from the client, from partners, from the court, from office partners and assistances.

As the cases grow and evolve, new versions of the first documents are added to the case. It’s hard to keep track of all the versions, exchange legal documents with clients that don’t know how to fill them…

Zeenshare provide to lawyers and advocacy in general a set of tools that helps all the parts involved comunnicate and collaborate better and faster.

Share legal documents with annotations that don’t break the document, helping clients to fill everything correctly, and allow them to upload the filled in document as a new version. You’ll be notified of all the questions and comments that anyone you shared the file will do.

Zeenshare will help you stay focused and organized, providing you fast access to your latest documents and easily navigate document versions.

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Safely upload, organize and share files with clients and colleagues. You manage the access and permissions.



Share document templates with colleagues and clients and allow them to download, fill them and upload them as a new version.



Your colleges and/or client will be able to view the file in the browser. No need to download or install 3rd party software.



Use annotations to help your clients and colleagues understand and fill documents. Drive them to specific points. Reduce turnaround times and improve workflow.

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Streamlined communication between teams and clients are key to great software

The developers tale!

After a few meetings with the development team, the IT guys and the client, everyone is very confident that this new project is going to be THE BEST PIECE OF SOFTWARE EVER!

The teams start to collaborate with the usual wireframe platform and quickly reach the final mockups and structure. Time to share them with the client.

First step: jump out of the wireframe software, exporting everything to JPG.

Second step: send them to the client. How? Just drop a few JPGs in an e.mail message, add a few lines of text and hope for the client to understand!?!... or “Drop” them on some cloud “box”, send a link to the client or share the folder with him. On the BEST case scenario the client will understand everything (yeah sure), and he will just want to change a few things. He replies back with an e.mail with just a few lines (or lots) of text trying to explain that on the second JPG, that 3rd... thing (button, link, checkbox?!?) should call a new window… And the e.mails start to fly back and forth between you, the client, the team and… I’m already feeling sad for you!

You know that saying that goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words"? What about a picture available for everyone (that you wish) and where everybody can make ‘in picture’ annotations and comments, make them contextualized and meaningful? And have all the text files and spreadsheets related to the project ready to be viewed, commented, annotated, edited, versioned… on the browser. No need to download and upload, no 3rd party software needed (except the browser). Cool, isn’t it? Yeah! It is called Zeenshare!

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Share and preview all the wireframes and files related to projects.



Feature requests, wireframes and design layouts change along the project. Keep all iterations documented and centralized.



Mark precise areas and points on documents and add notes to those marks. In app, discuss details with colleagues and clients.



Add extra document annotations that are not necessarily related to one specific point or area of the document.

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Documents: give them context!
Helping your clients help you understand all the details.

The accountants tale!

Today it’s going to be one of those days… Your client sales team has just returned from that 5 days Exposition in Vegas and you have a pile of receipts and all sorts of expense papers to figure out…

You know that will spent all your day making copies of all the documentation, write notes with questions on the things you have doubts. Than digitize all those papers, attach them to a e.mail message and write some message to explain what you need them to do and send it to your client. He will send them to his team and wait for the answers from all the guys. Then he just forward the messages to you. It’s the e.mail mess that we know and hate!

If you’re lucky, they have printed the documents and wrote their notes explaining everything next to your questions, than digitized everything again and sent them back… But probably they just wrote some notes on the e.mail leaving you the task of ‘connecting the dots’...

Zeenshare to the rescue!

Digitize documents, securely upload and store them. Using the annotations tool mark the lines you have doubts and write your questions.

Share the documents with the necessary people. They just need to login, view the document with your annotation and answer your questions and make their own comments and annotations.

One tool, one storage place: yours!

The customer must feel at home, secure. Why do you need to place a middle man file sharing solution between you and them. Keep the control of it and brand Zeenshare fully so, for your customer, is your platform. How ? Logo, Colors, Emails, URL redirection,…

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Strong encryption makes Zeenshare safe for your company, your employees and your customers.



Customize your domain. The customer must feel at home, secure. Why do you need to place a middle man file sharing solution between you and them? Keep the control of it and brand Zeenshare fully so for your customer its your platform. How? Logo, Colors, Emails, URL redirection,…



Increase your website audience. How many times your customers access your website in a year… not often because none of them want to read the same story multiple time : they know who you are, what your missions are and how to contact you. Its a pity because each connection should lead to a new service contract. How : offer your customers a place where they can retrieve all their informations, documents contracts,...

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Do it anywhere, safely!
Paperwork without the paper and with less work!

The consultant (headhunter) tale!

Your business as a recruit consultant reached a very nice landmark. It all started with a reduced number of CV’s. They were from people you knew quite well. Once in a while you picked the phone and made a follow up to check if there was any new detail that could be relevant and would need to be changed on the CV. Usually you had the CV on your computer. A simple text file. If there was a CV needing some update you just fired your text editing software, made the change and done.

Luckily the business grew, your pack of CVs as doubled… several times! It was time to hire some people to help keep everything up to date and running. There was only a few (not so) little details: security/permissions and follow up information that don’t belong inside the CV’s but just need to go along with it. How to avoid that people leaving the company take your most precious assets, the CV’s with them?

Cool down, this is hypothetically speaking!... No?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have one single solution for your text files (and other files too) where you can store, view, edit without the need to download the file and have 3rd party software to edit it, share (with managed permissions for viewing, download, editing…), versionate, add comments to help on the follow up, in file precise annotations, tag annotations…

You may think that is a dream, but the solution is called Zeenshare! It does all that and then some… Dropping things on boxes is so last century!

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Upload and organize your files. Simple Drag n’ Drop. All popular operation like move, delete, rename, available on the webapp.



Sync app available for Windows and Mac. Manage your documents like you are used to do: on desktop.

share safely


Full control on how and with who your files are shared. Full set of permission options for files, folders and users.



Because security and privacy are essential, Zeenshare uses strong 256-bit encryption. For added security user can generate their own secret key.

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Organize and visualize
Keep track of changes on project and have immediate access to latest changes.

The sub-contractors tale!

Sometimes there are projects that are just a blast to work on! Like the last one for that big brand. That will look good on your portfolio.

Sure, it was a nightmare to manage and keep track of all the blueprint versions, the colors, the floor materials, the lightning for the different spaces, the designs for the custom furniture, the decoration pieces, the vinyl wrapping for the shelfs... Literally, thousand of e.mails flew between you, the client and the all the people with hands on the job; the ones from your internal team and the ones you hired. Keeping everyone ‘on the same page’ was definitely breath taking.

You really tried to make things work using that file sharing service everyone talks about, but that proved to be even messier without collaboration tools to help give images, blueprint files and text files some meaning. That became just a big, big mess… and when the flooring guy deleted all the files he didn’t need on the ‘shared folder’...

Someone should build some sort of tool that allows you to share all kind of information and files with everyone, keep track of versions and changes, add notes, notify everyone when something changes. A tool that allows real, true collaboration. It must work for internal company people and for the external ones you may hire, and allow you to define permissions. And allow for some quick file editing without having to download the files, open a 3rd party software…

Guess what: somebody already had that same idea (with a few added extras) and built that tool. Welcome to Zeenshare!

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Keep your project files organized on the cloud, like you are used too on your local folder on your computer.



Benefit from Zeenshare viewer ability to preview files on browser, without need to download files and open them in 3rd party application.



The annotation tools allow users to mark specific areas of a file and add text annotations.



On shared documents, collaboration is boosted with the ability users have to add annotations and reply to annotations made by others.

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