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Single user
Start with 2Gb free
Business Plan
Start with 10Gb free
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Domain Owner, Employees,... 1 Admin-employees-...
User sharing Unlimited Unlimited
Free Storage 2Gb 10Gb
Free file size limit 50Mb 50Mb
Standard Sync Tool
Private encryption key
Storage Encryption 256AES
Transfert SSL Encryption
User permission management
File viewer Included
Annotation Included
History Included
Versionning Included
Certified e-mail exchanges (court proof) Included
Document recovery Included
E-mail support Included
Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress connection plugings Included
Premium Options
Customization options
Branding (logo & appearance) + Email branding (sender, template) 150 €/USD per month
Sync tool branding customization (requires the branding option) 100 €/USD per month
Hosting options
Country storage file location : UK, France, Germany,.. 25€ per month / 100Gb Contact us
US/EU Amazon AWS additional storage extra 10€/month per 100Gb
Document options
File Versioning and Document recovery Contact us
Editing of documents
Translation enabled with layout
Document server stamp
Email timestamp certificate
Support options
Priority email + phone support extra 10€/USD month extra 10€/USD month
Enterprise Options
API key and integration service Contact us
Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress advanced integration
LDAP, AD, Oauth integration
Advanced reporting and Detailed audit on files
BackUp : Export of files, FTP/DVD,…
LTO preservation export